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Earn passive income while you enjoy the game!
5% holder's reward in BTC

Private Sale (30% Discount!)
Presale (PinkSale)
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Private Sale is Live

30% Discount on Private sale!

  • Price: 1 $BNB = 1,878,500,000 $FLT
  • Minimum Buy = 0.2 BNB
  • Maximum Buy = 2 BNB

Send the amount of Bep20 BNB/USDT/BUSD you want to invest to the FLT deployer address below and contact with your TXN for confirmation.

FLT deployer address: 0x5cbbd18be6c04bc1698bae34d76db7bc8e780d5c

Note: 80% of your private sale tokens will be distributed immediately after launch and the remaining 20% will be distributed 10 days after launch.

FLT Uniqueness

Football Lovers Token is a Hyper-deflationary token that reward it’s holders with 5% percent of every transaction in BTC, that is to say, you’ll earn passive income just by holding onto FLT.

A 1% burn on every transaction, this mechanism will ensure that the price of FLT constantly increase.

Anti-Whale mechanism: No wallet holds more than 1% of total supply, and sale is reduced to 1% per transaction (Funds are SAFU)

Why Choose Us?

Our Main Features

Predict & Win

A decentralize pool, where users predict the correct scores of football matches, the winners share the dividends   and if there’s no winner the pool amount would be rolled over into the next pool.

Pick 5

A decentralized pool where users predict the correct result of 5 matches, the winners share the dividends and if there’s no winner it’ll be rolled over to the next pool.


We’ll launch a staking contract to reward our members through the POS mechanism with high APY.

Mega Jackpots

there’ll be occasional jackpots rewarded to holders who have been with the community for a particular period of time. In-depth details will be announced later on. 

Road To World Cup

Use Cases

FLT native token will be the key factor that makes the community grow stronger because of it’s holder’s reward mechanism.

Staking and rewards

Decentralize betting: FLT token will be the accepted token for crypto sports betting site.

Paying fees on the network.

FLT token Will be the native token for all FLT features (Predict & Win, Pick 5, Mega Jackpot…. And more)


📌Token Allocation

Contract Address: 0x6b1eeb552b73b96336b43304b31110a7388b4acd


1 Trillion Max Supply

20% sent to black hole (Burnt forever), 30% in liquidity, 20% for staking rewards, 5% to community contest and giveaway, 5% to team, 20% TGE & Marketing

Guaranteed Investment

Liquidity is locked on for 3yrs, Audited & KYCed (funds are SAFU)

Slippage 12%

12 Tax on every transaction, 5% holder’s reward in BTC, 3% auto liquidity, 2% buyback & Burn, 2% Marketing wallet

Anti-Whale Feature

the max amount of token a wallet can hold is 1%, max sell per transaction is 1%, this helps to keep whales off the project, and also to avoid dumpers.

About Us

FLT is a community driven Hyper-deflationary token, launched on the Binance smart Chain (BSC) Network, Hyper-deflationary in the sense that, in every transaction being made, there’ll be certain amount of FLT token being burnt forever where by increasing the value of the token significantly.

The main core of FLT is to bring crypto currency enlightenment to the football community, it will be so redundant at this point in time if the football community is still not vast into the crypto-verse, so we aim to breach that gap.

It’s the sole aim of FLT to see every football lover owning a crypto currency, and to bring crypto adaptation to the football community, and we going to achieve this by first getting the community to get familiar with the basics of crypto currency. And that’s why we’ve created a unique project that the community can interact with.

FLT is unique in the sense that, as the football community is still not too familiar with the happenings in the crypto sphere, we’ve designed the project in such a way where by holders of FLT token don’t need to do anything after buying the token, and they’ll earn recurring passive income on every transaction of FLT, a whopping 5% of every transaction fee in BTC goes to all holders of FLT token,  and this will allow holders feel at ease, enjoy the football matches and watch their asset increase in value and in quantity (A win win).

With the amazing features FLT is bringing into the crypto sphere, features like: Predict & Win, Pick 5, Mega Jackpots and staking, it’s no doubt it will be a matter of time before FLT becomes one of the most sort after crypto asset in the crypto sphere, and with over 3.5 Billion+ football fans around the glob, FLT community will become one of the strongest community in the world, United by the love of the game and by the technology of crypto.


Pius Ebiama



3 years experience in crypto currency/Smart Contracts.

My smiles are honest😎

Wilfred Usaka


Design Artist

5 years experience in creative design

The drive is to be creative

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